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Holiday rental - Villa du Grès in Drôme Provençale


Grès Villa is in the northern part of Provence called Drome Provencale. It is a peaceful area where farming and wine growing are important and where history and culture abound (linden, olives and olives-oil, Apricot, Lavender). The nearby hilltop village of Eygaliers with its XIII castle ruin is a must! The larger towns nearest Villa Grès are Buis les Baronnies (Capital of the « canton », (the district), which has a population of 4665 over 21 «communes», is a land of aromatic and medicinal plants, with the scents and colours of lavender, vines, olive and apricot trees, as well as being the capital of the linden), Vaison La Romaine (Town of Art, is rich in cultural heritage. It was built up in the Middle Ages and modern times but the town owes its fame to its ancient Roman past. "La Romaine" was added in 1924) and Grignan with its prestigious Castle

Villa du Grès - Quartier du Grès - 26170 Eygaliers - Tél : 33 (0)9 51 10 33 34 - E-mail : gillesrohrer@yahoo.com